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Sorry about the one-day delay since the last EFG. Been juggling a few things and was trying to locate contact information about my third-favorite gadget I found in E3's Kentia Hall this year.

Of course, Andy has it, which means it will take much nagging to get it from him. That being said, I'm moving my fourth favorite gadget up one space by default.
And yes, this is another controller. It's round and you can't type on it, but for PC-based first-person shooters, it seems to be a must-have. This falls squarely in the catagory of "Why the heck didn't I think of this!?" Details after the jump...
Take your average every-day QWERTY keyboard. Yes. That's what a standard American keyboard is called. It's an evolution of the typewriter. And the typewriter was created for typing.
So why, after more than 20 years of banging away on these vestigal artifacts from our type-clicking days, do we insist on using them to play games? New York-based Wolfking asked itself the same question and came up with the Wolfking Warrior, a USB keyboard add-on controller developed specifically for FPSs.
Take a good long look at it. I'd like to write more, but it doesn't really need much more explanation that the photograph. The W, S, A, and D keys are all situated not in a configuration to optimize typing letters but to optimize ease of game play. Add in the placement of the weapon/spell/number keys within a finger's length... and you got a way to so some serious damage with less keystroke madness.
For those who don't use Teamspeak or any of its audio-chat bretheren, Wolfking also offers the Wolfking Timberwolf, a keypad-keyboard combo so you can type your smack on the fly.
I will admit, I did not give the Wolfking Warrior a spin, myself, mostly because the non-media touristas at E3 were hogging all the demonstration stations and I didn't have time to stand in line while Frodo cleared the Cow Level. (Have I had a rant about the non-media Cheeto-eaters who pay $600 for a ticket to E3 and then bogart product demonstrations for hours at a time? For crissakes, pinheads, if you wanna sit and game, go the eff home and do it on YOUR couch! For FREE!!") Anyway... back to the matter at hand. Despite my lack of play, I don't think I have to
log in serious game time to see that this is a vast improvement from QWERTY-based gaming. Sure, it will take some time to get used to the convenience of having the spacebar right under the finger that makes most sense, but if the amount of demo-camping at E3 was any indication, it works pretty damn well. I'm hoping in future weeks to get my hands on a model and give it a whirl. When that happens, I'll let you know if it truly rates my praise.

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