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WOLFKING is a gaming enthusiast focused technology company positioned at the leading edge of gaming interfaces and accessories.

The WolfKing keyboard is the creation of Wolfking Inc, their goal with this product was to produce a high quality gaming keyboard offering a serious alternative for those users who find a traditional style keyboard cumbersome when gaming.

Developed together with the thinking caps of FPS gaming enthusiasts WolfKing, the ultimate gaming keyboard for FPS gamers makes for fast, accurate and deadly moves in order to help you get ahead of your counterparts. Engineered to give you the ultimate experience, its one palm size fits all keys concept makes your movement even more professional and precise as opposed to a standard keyboard. Experts can now play more professionally and beginners will be able to adapt to FPS games much faster and easier.

Most of us know the problems with most gaming keyboards is that under normal everyday conditions they are awkward to use and certainly not an ideal solution, in fact you are frequently compromising your comfort for slightly improved positions within games. In theory it is quite possible to use the Wolfking in a USB port alongside a traditional style key